Alofi Makos wins Mixed Masters games: Winning 3 out of 4 Niue Touch Tournaments.

Alofi Makos has done it again winning the Niue Touch Associations Mixed Masters games last Saturday. (Photo by Alison Mokoia)

Eight teams registered into two pools, Avatele beat Hakupu in a tough semis to get to the finals, while Alofi Makos beat Tuapa Tanks to play Avatele again at the finals.

The Makos dominated in the finals against Avatele, defeating Avatele 3 to 1 taking the Alofi teams tally to three wins out of four tournaments from the three weeks of competitions.

This was the second time the teams played each other in the finals. They first faced off at the Open men’s finals which also went to Alofi Makos on day one of the competitions, three weeks ago.

It was a double celebration for Alofi Makos coach and player Robert BJ Rex celebrating the win and his birthday on Saturday. Rex says that he is very proud of the effort and support that has allowed Alofi to participate in the touch tournaments over the last three Saturdays.

“Being able to secure placings at all three tournaments is our way of acknowledging and giving back to our village, our sponsors, our families and everyone who has supported our touch rugby efforts. I’d like to thank our players and their families for being a part of our village efforts”, says Rex.

“Thank you to the other strong team, Avatele who played a great game with us in the finals.”

BJ Rex says that they “Appreciate all the efforts put in by the organisers for running a successful tournament and look forward to many more in the near future”.

The Mixed masters touch tournament is for female players aged 27 or older and for men over 30 years old.

Alofi Mako’s oldest players were Jay Berry Sofaea at 61 and 52 year old Margaret Siosikefu for the ladies.

Avatele’s oldest players who were also the teams playmakers in the final game against Alofi were 61 year old Willie Saniteli and Hake Laufoli and for the women’s a 52 year old who wished to remain anonymous.

The oldest player in the tournament was 64 years old is Pehalo Talagi from Tuapa Tanks team.

BJ Rex says that the tournaments had taken a toll on the players but that it was all worth it “After the last three Saturdays I’m sure about 70% of our team are looking after old injuries and nursing new ones but we have enjoyed it all the way”.

The tournament organisers told BCN news that for future masters games they will have to consider different categories and splitting those from the 30s to 40s or specific age categories.

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