The Public Service Commission is inviting appeals on their appointment of the Internal Auditor

The latest development on the controversial appointment of the government’s Internal Auditor is the Public Service Commission invoking the sitting of its Appeals Committee to hear concerns on this appointment.

However, according to the Public Service Regulations 2004 only permanent public servants are entitled to file an appeal. Individuals who are not permanent public servants but may have wanted to apply for this position cannot file an appeal.

In a media statement this week, the Commission is inviting permanent public servants who may have concerns on the appointment of the internal auditor to file their appeals before the committee by Nov 17th.

The Appeals Committee of the Commission is made up of 4 members appointed by Cabinet. The committee does not include a member of the public servant’s association(PSA) because according to the Secretariat of the Commission, the PSA has not been active for the last 10 years.

The Commission’s decision to appoint former MP for Mutalau Maureen Melekitama to the position of Internal Auditor in September raised concerns.

The concerns were raised because the position which has been vacant since 2011 was not advertised like all public service positions allowing the public to apply for the position.

Common Roll MP, Terry Coe said that all positions of the public service should be advertised in order to find the right person with the right qualifications for the role.

Prior to being elected to parliament in 2017, Mrs Melekitama was employed at the Tax Office and while in parliament she was chair of the Public Accounts Committee and a Member assisting a Cabinet Minister.

In response to questions from BCN news, the Secretariat of the Commission revealed the annual salary range of the Internal Auditor is from $34,821 and $40,781.

The Commission has also indicated that they will be looking at reviewing the public service regulations.

All appeals should be filed by November 17th.

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