Police investigation found no breach of quarantine facility

The Police this week investigated an alleged breach of quarantine at Homofiti in Tamakautoga but found there was no breach.

Chief of Police Tim Wilson told BCN news that they were first alerted to the alleged breach from members of the public about a Facebook post made by an individual suggesting that that people from within quarantine were outside the fence and were visiting with a friend.

The Police conducted an investigation, speaking to all witnesses including the individual who made the Facebook posting who said that he was driving past the facility and that was what he saw.

Using security camera footage at the facility the Police were able to confirm that no one exited the fencing and no one from outside entered the fenced area.

In a media statement the Police encourage the public to be vigilant in reporting incidences which they feel have breached quarantine protocols.

However, the Chief would like to remind the public, to please contact the police first before posting on social media.

Members of the public are allowed to drop food and personal items to their family and friends staying at the quarantine facility from 7am until 7pm.

Chief Wilson says that reporting breach concerns to the Police will allow them to conduct their investigation immediately particularly if there is an actual case, they will be required to conduct contact tracing and the earlier they can do this, the better the chances are of keeping Niue COVID free.

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