Young and upcoming potential seen at the juniors mixed futsal tournament 2023

The Mixed Juniors Futsal Tournament for 2023 took place last Saturday at the Tuatea school grounds, Hakupu. 

It was a hot day for the fourteen teams who participated from villages including Alofi, Hakupu, Mutalau, Avatele, Vaiea, Tuapa, and Lakepa. 

There were two categories for the day, the 5 to 8 years old and the 9 to 12 years age group. 

Taking first place for the 5 to 8 years old was the Alofi Lil Kicks, second place to Alofi Shooters, third place went to Tama Fineone Ua and fourth place went to Aliutu Phoenix.

For the 9 to 12 years age group, taking the championship title was Tama Fineone Taha, second place went to Avatele, third place to Tuapa and fourth place to Mutalau. 

There were also Most Valuable Players awards for the day, for MVP boy and girl of each team which was selected by the referees. 

Most Valuable Players

5-8 year category teamMVP BoyMVP Girl
Tama Fineone UaDarson Pearson-TatuiFeuina Viviani
Alofi Lil KicksNathaniel FetauiNora-Rose Rex
AvateleHake Tose LaufoliAverie Pavihi
TuapaGrayson PihigiaAdriel Okesene
Alofi ShootersAsher RexShiloh Schaumkel
Aliutu PhoenixJerome TomailugaOctavia Tatui
9-12 year category teamMVP BoyMVP Girl
Lakepa TuakisBevan SmithEdan Gulliver
Alofi BulletsRhym AsansoStacey Seumanu
MutalauErrom MatagiagaIma Pioiva
VaieaApete KalapuAlison Taliu
TuapaJethro OkeseneEsa Faitala
Alofi GunsOnra SkinnerSaryiah Saniteli
Tama Fineone TahaTK TatuiHuvalu Talagi

From the Niue Football Association, “Fakaaue lahi to all the teams that participated in the tournament, it was a great show of skill and sportsmanship on and off the field. In three years, we saw a huge improvement in skills. 

“We hope for continuous support from all key partners, sponsors to continue the biggest sport in the world here on island and abroad.”

The Open mens and womens futsal tournament will take place on Saturday 12th of August next month. Follow the Niue Football Association Facebook Page for more updates #NiueFootballAssociation

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