Niue MET predicts more severe cyclones expected in the next cyclone season

Niue is expecting drier conditions with predictions of drought conditions in the coming months, says Niue Meteorological Services. But there are also predictions from local and regional meteorologists that some parts of the Pacific, particularly the South-west region, will be expected to experience more severe cyclones in the shift to El Niño Alert. 

The current El Niño-Southern Oscillation or ENSO status for Niue is for El Niño Alert. 

According to recent comments by Director of Niue MET Rossy Mitiepo, “for Niue this means drier conditions and may result in a drought and the island should also expect severe tropical cyclones in the next Cyclone season starting in November 2023 until April 2024.

“However, as there are signs El Niño may form later in the year, below normal rainfall, dry conditions or drought for Niue. High risk of tropical cyclones or intense cyclones can be expected during that time.”

RNZ Pacific Journalist Caleb Fotheringham reported that “the Pacific is due to get a dramatic shift in weather over the next 12 months as it moves from a triple dip La Niña event to the opposite direction.”

“There is also a higher chance of more cyclones in the south-west Pacific, with the risk increasing east of Fiji but reducing in the west.”MET Director Rossy Misiepo said that “in order to plan ahead, preparation needs to begin now for dry conditions and cyclone season and strengthen our current cyclone plans.”

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