Newly launched system leads the way for more streamlined digital information on Niue’s environment and biodiversity

Last week, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Niue Ridge 2 Reef Project were able to launch the Environment Information Management System (EIMS).

According to key project coordinator Shane Tohovaka, “the system was developed under the Niue R2R Project as a part of the projects core outcomes, seeking to address the need for more streamlined storage and management of documentation and information from government and non-government sectors regarding Niue’s Environment and Biodiversity from the island’s Primary Forests (Ridge) right down to the Reef, noting also linkages to the Niue Moana Mahu LSMPA.”

The system was designed by IIC Technologies and a technical team arrived on the island last week and to install the system as well as hold capacity building training sessions with local teams. 

The content needs more populating from our Niue side and will be worked on in coming months, says Shane. 

“The system is designed to be scaled up according to what is needed and required from various sectors, if they would like to be included.”

IIC Tech have also installed a digitisating and archiving equipment for the archive footage from BCN stored at Taoga Niue.  

The portal can be accessed via

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