Niue Pocket Guide travel enthusiasts hosts photography workshop to help upskill local businesses

Laura (left) and Rob (right) of Niue Pocket Guide

On Tuesday afternoon this week, a photography workshop took place at the Niue golf and sports club. 

The workshop was led by New Zealand travel enthusiasts Rob and Laura who run a travellers website known as NZ Pocket Guide as well as Niue Pocket Guide, partnered together with Niue Tourism. 

This is not their first time on the island. Rob and Laura first launched the Niue Pocket Guide in 2019 pre-covid and have only returned back to the island last week. 

Laura told BCN News that Niue Pocket Guide is a free online resource for travellers wanting to know more about Niue. 

Composed of over 350 articles, Niue Pocket Guide has all the information suitable for travellers who are wanting to know more about Niue in terms of accommodation options, foods to eat, sightseeing places, swimming spots and general facts about the island and its people. 

As part of their website, Rob and Laura are also well versed in photography. 

The photography workshop involved basic skills and tips on how to take better photos and the various camera modes especially for businesses, accommodations, services or personal experience. 

Participants of the photography workshop led by Rob and Laura

Rob says that they have been hosting a few seminars since they have arrived on the island with local businesses and people who are wanting to upskill their services. 

“So when  we come to the island, we are welcomed by so many different smiley faces. Everybody is so happy and what we would like to do is to give back to the community.”

“In partnership with Niue Tourism, which is doing a fantastic job, we created a series of seminars to help upskill the local businesses here on the island.”

“The seminar that we did run yesterday (Tuesday) was about photography and we went through the absolute basics of photography just in order to get all the local businesses owners, like a small guesthouse owners for example, to be able to take better photos of their business to showcase it on facebook or on their website,” says Rob. 

NZ Pocket Guide have been working with and for some of the Pacific islands including Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, and Fiji. 

Rob and Laura will be departing the island next week. Until then they welcome any one who is interested to learn more from them. 

You can contact them through Niue tourism or for more information you can find them on their website at or

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