First cruise ship arrives to Niue after three years due to pandemic

Earlier this morning, a cruise ship was sighted just off the coast from Alofi town centre. This is the first cruise ship the island has had in three years since before the pandemic outbreak in 2020. 

BCN News was able to talk with New Zealand expedition leader Christie of the Silver Explorer cruise ship this morning. 

Christie says that there are approximately 140 ship’s crew including the expedition team of 13 and one videographer onboard. 

The ship was also carrying a total of 126 guests from different nations throughout the world including Australia, US, Canada, Germany and Norway. 

Christie says that they had just sailed from Rarotonga and Aitutaki of the Cook Islands. 

Vanessa Marsh of the Explore Niue Tours transported a group from the ship to the Northern tourist attractions sites of the island. Some of the guests were seen walking around town and some also were curious to see the Niue Wild Food Festival held this morning at the Paliati multipurpose hall. 

Niue clearance team treated to breakfast onboard the Silver Explorer | Photo credits: Immigration Office/supplied

Niue’s clearance team were also welcomed onboard the Silver Explorer where they were treated with a breakfast meal. 

Niue’s clearance team consisted of officers from Peleni’s Travel Agency, government officials from the Customs Department, Immigration, Biosecurity, Police and the Public Health Department. 

Their next destination is Vava’u, Tonga before they sail to Fiji to disembark the old passengers and welcome the new guests before they continue their cruise throughout the Pacific, says Christie.

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