More women voters in the 2023 Niue Electoral Roll

A polling station in a previous election with the Returning Officer and election officials, with one ballot box for the village seat and one for the 6 common roll seats

A total of 1,167 voters are registered in the Niue Electoral Roll at the close of registrations on Tuesday this week. 

There are more women voters with 628 female voters and 539, and a very small increase of one voter from the 2020 roll.

There is an increase of 8 new women voters but a decrease of the male voters from 557 men voters in 2020 to 539 this year. 

In 2017 there were 1,119 voters, 588 women and 531 men voters. 

Meanwhile, BCN is providing the seventeen candidates vying for six Common Roll seats thirty minutes of airtime on Radio Sunshine starting tomorrow.

The first four candidates to join Esther Pavihi for Q and A programme on Radio starting at 9.20am with Billy Graham Talagi, then Fapoi Akesi at 10am, Charlie Tohovaka at 10.45 and Sinahemana Hekau at 11.20am. 

The candidates are also given up to three minutes of airtime on TV Niue for their campaigns.

Some have already started on social media with Facebook posts but there are still not many flyers posted around town.

The town hall meetings for the candidates will start on Sunday with the village of Alofi North, when they can speak to the voters of that village in the hope to getting their votes.

BCN News will provide an analysis of the candidates in our future bulletins.

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