Niue High School Principal appeals to the public once again as the school is “left littered and vandalized” after hours

Niue High School Principal Charles Ioane has, once again, expressed his concerns towards the general public’s treatment of the school property and grounds, especially during activities that occur over the weekend.

A major concern, which he informed in an email later last month in a public notice, was the littering and vandalism of the school blocks near the Paliati club house. An issue which seems to only arise during and after the dances at the club house. 

In the email, Principal Ioane said “it is noticed that some young people hang around and continue festivities at the PE, Vagahau Niue and Woodwork areas of the school.  More often than not though, the school and the far toilets are left littered and vandalized.”

Principal Ioane expressed his concerns at this recurring problem and is asking members of the general public for their “common sense and support” to look after the school grounds and property. 

BCN News understands that CCTV cameras are stationed throughout the school that monitors the property and grounds after hours.

The Principal this morning also informed the parents and the school community that the Niue high school prize giving event for this year has been postponed to Wednesday next week, 14th of December.

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