Covid-19 update: 61 active cases, meanwhile staff shortages impacts Niue foou hospital services

Niue currently has a total of 61 active cases of covid-19. According to yesterday’s covid update on the official Niue covid dashboard, three new cases were detected while one of the previously active cases has recovered. 

Due to the increasing number of covid-19 cases detected each day, Niue foou hospital are experiencing staffing difficulties.

In a government press statement issued last Thursday, temporary measures have been implemented for health care workers to help limit the spread of covid-19 and allow all health services to continue for the general public.

“From Monday 5th December, the out-patient entrance in front of the hospital will be closed to the general public. Anyone wishing to see a doctor will need to use the After-hours and Emergency entrance on the western side of the Hospital and you will need to be tested for covid using RATs before seeing a doctor. Please be prepared to wait for the test results which will be no more than 15mins.”

Day 1 testing for the passenger flight last Friday was conducted on Saturday. BCN News understands that there were passengers from this flight who tested positive for covid-19.

Day 3 testing commenced this morning and the results of whether the active number of cases will remain or increase for the island will be issued tonight on the covid dashboard. 

Since the first covid case was detected in March this year, Niue has recorded a total of 172 cases where 111 of the cases have fully recovered. 

Health and government officials are continuing to advise members of the public to follow and maintain covid-19 precautionary measures. 

If you are unwell and are experiencing covid-like symptoms, get tested using a Rapid Antigen Test or contact Niue foou hospital. 

Wear a mask indoors in public places and gatherings, practise social distancing and use the RockSafe contact tracing app. 

For more information on covid-19 for Niue can be found at

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