Covid-19 update: 3 new cases detected at the borders

The government announced yesterday that 3 new cases of Covid-19 were detected at the borders and 5 of the positive cases from last week have completed their isolation period and are considered recovered. 

1 of the new cases was detected amongst the group of 64 passengers who arrived on Monday this week after Day 1 testing was held yesterday, according to a government press release. 

The 2 other cases were household contacts of the first positive cases that arrived on the first QFT flight last week 27th of June and were detected on their Day 7 testing held yesterday. 

The 2 positive household contacts have been in isolation since Day 1 testing last Tuesday and have not been in the community. 

The island now has a total of 8 active cases of Covid-19 and 15 recovered cases. 

Close contacts from the newly announced cases are in isolation per Niue’s strict Covid-19 protocols. The household close contacts of the new case will isolate for a minimum of 7 days following Niue’s Covid protocols.

There are no new locations of interest. The island remains on Covid Alert level Yellow as there are no community cases. 

Health and government officials would like to remind all residents of Niue continue to wear masks, use the Rocksafe for contact tracing, follow health and safety guidelines, and refer to the Niue Covid website for daily updates.

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