Recycling Competition brings out local creativity and innovation

To mark Global Recycling Day, the PMCU Waste Management team organized and planned together with the help of Department of Environment staff a “Recycling Competition” which was advertised earlier last month.

The purpose of the competition was “to find creative, fun, and functional ways to reuse, repair and repurpose materials on the island”. 

Last Wednesday was the deadline for entries to be submitted at the conference room of Scenic Matavai Resort in Tamakautoga. Then on Friday, at the same venue, a private viewing for participants was held in the morning and judged by the distinguished judges followed by a public viewing later in the afternoon. 

The entries were outstanding. The brilliant innovations made from recyclable materials was an impressive display of the creativity amongst the people of Niue. For example, there were a few pieces made out of tyres turned into chairs and tables. Another piece was a clock made out of an old bicycle wheel and a hat made out of can clip openers.

More than thirty entries joined the Recycling Competition with five separate judging categories including the Intermediate, Juniors, Seniors, Open Mens & Womens and the Masters.

For the Intermediate category of Year 7 & 8, first prize of $200 went to Heimana Hekau, second place of $100 went to Ahren Mokoia and coming in third place with $50 was Khanden Pihigia. 

For the Juniors category of Year 9 & 10, first place of $300 went to Lose-Marie Ioane, second place of $200 went to Joshua Poumale and third place with $100 went to Giani Chapman. 

For the Seniors category Year 11 to 13, first prize of $400 went to Nive and Nava Hekau, second place of $300 went to Lester Rigamoto, and third prize of $200 went to Aaron Rigamoto. 

For the Open Mens & Womens aged 19 to 49 years, first place went to Natasha Tohovaka with $500, second place went to Anthony Vaa of $400 and third prize went to Harry Ogen with $300. 

The Masters category aged 50 years and over, first place of $500 went to Mata Okesene, second place went to Victoria Kalauni of $400 and third equal of $150 each went to Mokaline Makaia and Harkai Pihigia. 

One mother and her children took home $900 worth of prizes. Natasha Toeono Tohovaka from Hakupu and her two children Tiva Samoa and Tagitose all took first place for their entries. 

The Recycling Competition has brought out creative innovations and innovators.  Congratulations to all winners and entries for the Recycling Competition.

This story is in collaboration with BCN intern Jorja Tuhipa.

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