Recycling Kid’s Fashion Show; all wearable things recyclable

In addition to the Recycling Competition organised by PMCU Waste Management Project and Environment department, theRecycling Kid’s Fashion Show ” took place last Saturday evening at the Scenic Matavai Resort Conference Room. 

Entries were required to design wearable outfits made out of recyclable materials such as plastics, cans and cardboard boxes where the kids could wear and showcase at the show. 

There were four judging categories: Under 5 category, Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4, and Year 5 & 6 category. The total prize money for the categories totalled to $1,400 and for each category first prize was $200, second prize was $100, and third prize was $50. 

For the Under 5 category, first place went to Tiva-Samoa Tongakilo, second place Hanatau Hetutu and third place went to Vainora Sioneholo. 

For the Year 1 & 2 category, first prize went to Grayson Pihigia, second prize to Andrea Motufoou and third place went to Blake Perry. 

Topping the Year 3 & 4 category was Markiahiz Kulatea, second place was Halosi Mautama and coming in third place was Gem Makaia and Foini Hekau. 

Taking first place for the Year 5 & 6 category was Tagitose Tohovaka, second place to Caesar Toamio and coming in third place was Lihena Hekau. 

One of the event organisers Dan Makaia told BCN news that they would like to acknowledge “everyone that participated in both events. Our back to back events wouldn’t have been successful without everyone’s entries.”

“Acknowledging our sponsors NIUE GOVT & GOVT OF AUSTRALIA through the AUSTRALIAN AID funding. These events were to celebrate the GLOBAL RECYCLING DAY which was on the 18th of March,” says Mr. Makaia.

A stunning display by all designers and models. Well done to all winners and participants for the Recycling Kid’s Fashion Show. 

This story is in collaboration with BCN intern Jorja Tuhipa.

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