NISCGA under scrutiny over allegations of abuse of executive privileges

The national sports organisation NISCGA is facing increasing public scrutiny since the story broke yesterday of serious accusations against some of the senior members of the Executive committee. 

The issues affecting the stewardship of the national sporting body came to the fore earlier this week when President Maru Talagi in a letter last Sunday dismissed the Treasurer who is currently in New Zealand on medical leave. 

Since then, new information has come to light that reveals factions within the Executive committee and attempts to replace some of the members in the committee. Sources say that the issue with NISCGA is about attempts to control the finances of the national sports body.

BCN News this morning received information containing large payments awaiting endorsement of the signatories of the NISCGA accounts. It’s understood that these large payments were initiated recently after the dismissal of the Treasurer on Sunday last week. 

At least three separate transactions pending approval with large sums of money due to some of the executive members of NISCGA. The payments seen by the reporter include two payments with the sum of more than $4,200 to one member of the Executive and another member was due to receive $3,150. 

Other sources told BCN news that some of the decisions regarding the Niue team to the Birmingham Games are very concerning. Apparently, there are names on the Niue delegation that will raise further questions about using positions in the Executive to gain personal benefits for their families and friends.

Apparently, three people have been informed of their appointments with the NISCGA Executive and to be at the meeting tomorrow.

Meanwhile, some members of the NISCGA Board of Management are trying to call a meeting to discuss the removal of the Treasurer and the allegations levelled against her.

BCN News is also aware of an impasse between NISCGA leadership and the Niue Lawn Bowls about the selection of the team for the Birmingham Games.

Yesterday President Maru Talagi said that the issues with the lawn bowls team are due to late registrations, while other sources said that some NISCGA Executive members were trying to influence the selection of the Lawn Bowls team.

Earlier today Lawn Bowls President Des Hipa told BCN News that they have selected their team, but they will wait for confirmation at the NISCGA meeting tomorrow.

A NISCGA executive meeting is scheduled for midday tomorrow when the team to the Commonwealth Games will be finalised.

Attempts were made to reach the President of NISCGA Maru Talagi today but were unsuccessful.

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