Niue Police run driving lessons for youth this school holidays

The Niue Police have conducted a Drivers Licence Programme for youth aged 14 years and older which started this week. 

More than 30 young people were at the Niue police department this week to begin their driving lessons with Constable Narita Viliamu Tahega during the school holidays.  

According to the Police, they had  received numerous reports of young people driving without a driver’s licence and driving unaccompanied by a parent or a full licence driver.

Hence this Drivers Licence programme was created to provide these young people with the opportunity to learn the theory and practical side of driving before taking their driving tests next week.

Parents were also there to sign the consent forms for their children to take the course and sit for their drivers licence.

A hefty fine of $150 will be charged to drivers without a licence which can be seen in the traffic infringement notices that came into effect on the 1st of June last year.

Apparently, some of the teenagers had been driving for four years without a licence but at the completion of this programme will finally get their drivers licence.

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