FYI – It’s about Uilasoni the coconut from Beveridge Reef

Uilasoni the coconut as a young tree (right) and missing fronds (left) Pics provided by Niue Ocean Wide

This story is about a coconut affectionately called Ualisoni originally found covered in barnacles floating in Beveridge Reef lagoon six years ago during a National Geographic Niue scientific assessment expedition to the Reef.

Uilasoni was brought to Niue by Brendon Pasisi and was planted by Brendon of Niue Ocean Wide (NOW) and the Head of the expedition Paul Rose at Tufukia Alofi South in front of the children’s playground.

Since then, Uilasoni has been cared for and its growth monitored regularly.

Sadly, over the weekend when Brendon went to mow the grounds, he found that someone had taken a bushknife to the coconut cutting off several fronds.

Brendon Pasisi told BCN news that he was saddened to see that someone could do something like this because it was evident that the coconut was soon to bear fruit.

What is also concerning is that there was no regard that the area is a leased piece of land and belongs to Brendon Pasisi. It seems that people are just cutting coconut fronds without first checking who owns the coconuts.

This story hopes to raise awareness about Uilasoni the coconut from Beveridge Reef now growing at Tufukia, so people can appreciate its significance and not cut its fronds.  

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