Niue commits 100% of ocean space for marine conservation with “Niue Nukutuluea Multiple-Use Marine Park”

An historic bold move today Niue commits 100% of its ocean space to marine conservation

An historic commitment was made today by Premier Dalton Tagelagi announcing the bold move to commit one hundred percent of the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Territorial Seas to marine conservation in an initiative called “Niue Nukutuluea Multiple-use Marine Park”.

“Today, it is my great honour to announce an even greater commitment to this work with the legal establishment of Niue’s entire ocean space as the Niue Nukutuluea multiple-use Marine Park.”

“This is a globally significant contribution from Niue to the international efforts towards supporting the stability of our planet and ocean into the future. This is highly important right now as the impacts of climate change, pollution, and overharvesting are having very real impacts on every corner of the globe.

This commitment will make Niue one of the global leaders in ocean conservation and sustainable development and is the culmination of several years of collective efforts in a public-private partnership with Tofia Niue and the Niue government through the Niue Ocean Wide (NOW) project.

In a joint statement, the Niue government and Tofia Niue through NOW acknowledged “the collective efforts over the last 6 years, including scientific assessment, community consultation, and cost-benefit analysis, and inspired by a baseline of over 1000 years of traditional knowledge, practice and respect for our ocean”.

In 2017 as Minister of Environment Hon. Dalton Tagelagi had announced the ‘Moana Mahu’ commitment of 40% of the island’s EEZ and Territorial Seas as a Marine conservation area and today Moana Mahu has graduated to Niue Nukutuluea multiple-use Marine Park with 100 % commitment.

The key message is that Niue is walking the talk on protecting 100% of its Ocean space, formalising this commitment “through a holistic approach to marine conservation, sustainable development, and effective management in line with Niuean traditions and ocean use. Building important resilience to the growing impacts of climate change, pollution, and extraction while raising the next generation of responsible ocean warriors”.

In his speech, today at Niue High School’s Culture Day Performances said that “Today I want you to know these commitments are made in support of your future. And as the future of our nation wherever you end up in your lives and careers you should be proud to be a leader of global planetary health and security.

“And I welcome your contribution to these efforts that we today are setting up for your future. This commitment to ocean conservation underpins Niue’s economic, social, environmental, and cultural aspirations as outlined in our national strategic plan. We are developing an innovative sustainable financing mechanism through the establishment of a trust that will help us maintain our commitments and perpetuity.”

Addressing the students during his speech Premier Tagelagi urged the future leaders of Niue to forge ahead as leaders but also to learn about our oceans and resources.

“Future of Niue, as you forge and move forward, we want you to equip yourselves to be ambassadors and drivers of this work and the benefits that arise from it.

“Learn about our ocean, its resources, and how it has underpinned our culture, traditional knowledge, and ingenuity of how we can build a future around its sustainable management protection.”

Today’s announcement is intended to coincide with the Our Oceans conference in session since yesterday in Palau and co-hosted by the United States.

Premier Tagelagi’s announcement concluded with the presentation of a cheque for $10,000 from NOW for the two schools.

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