Frontline workers released from MIQ after returning negative Covid test results

The selected frontline workers who were advised to isolate due to the first Covid case were released yesterday after seven days in quarantine. 

Director General of Health and Social Services Gaylene Tasmania told BCN news that the day seven testing which was administered yesterday to all frontline workers and passengers in MIQ was an additional testing due to the covid case. 

“So yesterday was day seven testing and this is an additional testing. Normally we test on day one, day three and day nine but we have to bring in another additional test which was yesterday because of the positive case that we have,” says Mrs. Tasmania. 

Mrs. Tasmania says that the day seven testing yesterday all returned negative Covid results for passengers in MIQ as well as frontline workers. However, the positive case still remains at one.

While frontline workers have been released from isolation, passengers will continue to isolate for their ten days in quarantine until they can be released on Thursday. 

“Everyone is now cleared from the frontline workers to go about their daily work and the MIQ passengers will wait for the last test on day nine which is tomorrow for release on Thursday,” says Mrs. Tasmania. 

According to Mrs. Tasmania, both the positive case and immediate close contact are “looking good” and remain well. The immediate close contact remains asymptomatic and through the Covid-19 testing procedures for passengers in MIQ, the close contact has continued to receive negative results. 

Director-General Gaylene Tasmania says that there is a different procedure for a positive case and that there is no certainty that the close contact will be released after ten days of isolation. 

“There’s a difference in protocols for a positive case so we do not envisage release for the close contact because we also need a bit more time in there. So I can update that later on but for now both the index case and close contact are well,” says Mrs. Tasmania. 

Tomorrow will be day nine and the final day of Covid testing for the passengers in MIQ until released on Thursday if all results return negative. 

The positive case and immediate close contact will continue to remain in MIQ until advised by health officials.

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