Vote of No Confidence in the Cabinet will be heard on Tuesday next week

At the sitting of the Fono Ekepule today, Hon. Terry Coe tabled the notice of intention to move a motion of no confidence in the Cabinet.

As stipulated by article six of the Constitution four members of the Legislative Assembly may give notice of their intention to move a vote of no confidence.

The four members are Common Roll members Hon. Terry Coe, Hon. O’love Jacobsen, Hon. Va’aiga Tukuitonga of Alofi North and Mr. Tofua Puletama of Makefu.

In response the Speaker Hon. Hima Takelesi accepted and confirmed the names of the four members who signed the notice.

In following with the requirements of the Constitution, the Speaker may choose the earliest of five days from today, upon receipt of the notice and no later than ten days.

Speaker Takelesi informed the Fono Ekepule will sit for a special meeting on Tuesday next week 22nd of March at 1 pm to hear formally the reasons for the motion and members can vote for or against the motion of no confidence in the Cabinet.

BCN News understands that there are several reasons for the motion of a vote of no confidence including “Because of the decision of Cabinet to reopen Niue’s international borders to all Niuean and non-Niuean residents without the necessary 14 days isolation period” and “Cabinet’s failure to consult with other stakeholders regarding policies set by Cabinet”.

When asked if they have the numbers to carry the vote of no confidence in the Cabinet, Hon. Terry Coe told BCN News yesterday that regardless of whether they have the numbers, he wants the debate to take place.

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