Home quarantine option available again in 10 days of MIQ starting with today’s flight.

The option to quarantine at home is permitted again with certain conditions.

According to the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), starting today with the forty-seven passengers on the flight there are three home quarantine facilities approved by the government.

Most of the passengers will be quarantined at the government-approved MIQ facilities at Tamakautoga, Alofi, Namukulu, and Lakepa.

The three home quarantine facilities are at Alofi and Tuapa.

NDMO officials told BCN News that the public is reminded that visiting families and friends in MIQ is not permitted in the first four days of their MIQ stay.

The current protocols are that the public will only be permitted to visit MIQ facilities after the Health Department has given the all-clear after all passengers return negative tests on day three. Only then will visitors be permitted at MIQ facilities.

Two weeks ago, the number of days in MIQ dropped from thirteen to ten. If the passengers from today all return negative tests, then they will be leaving MIQ on Thursday next week.

NDMO would also like to remind people who stay in MIQ facilities not to remove the thermometers from the rooms when they leave MIQ. These are needed for the next passengers.

Applications for home quarantine must be made through the Office of the Secretary to Government and the applicants must meet all the requirements such as having two pre-departure covid tests return negative results.

The option for home quarantine was revoked by Cabinet in August last year when the Delta variant forced Auckland into lockdown until November.

The final decision on who is allowed to be home quarantined is made by Cabinet.  

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