Mixed feelings for students who received their NCEA results yesterday

Niue High School students sitting NCEA exams in 2021

Eighty-six students from Niue high school received their NCEA results yesterday.

BCN News student reporter Jorheena Lapoisi spoke to four students who all wished to remain anonymous.

The students had mixed feelings, some were pleased and happy with their results while others were not so pleased with their NCEA results.

Three Level 3 students shared what they felt when they saw their results yesterday.

One Year 13 student said that he wasn’t very happy with his results considering the personal events and community events he was involved in so he wasn’t expecting to get good results. He said that he could’ve done better but he also realise that it’s too late to regret the past and he is now focused on the future.

“Not really, I didn’t expect these results. I’m not saying it was a bad outcome, just considering the events happening for me personally and in the community, I didn’t expect to get good results. I could have done better, but I also believe it’s too late to regret the past. It’s time to focus on the future now” says a seventeen-year-old about his level 3 results.

Another school leaver, a seventeen-year-old girl was quite thrilled with her results. She told BCN News that she was more worried about getting her University Entrance and was very happy when she opened her results to find that she achieved her UE.

“I was not expecting the results that I received yesterday for NCEA. I actually thought I did very poorly in attempting to improve my grades, but I’m thrilled with what I got. The only thing I was really worried about was my university entrance, and I was awarded that so I’m extremely happy with my results”, said the seventeen-year-old.

Another female student 18 years old said that she wasn’t happy with her results for external exams. She sat four external papers hoping for an endorsement for Chemistry and Biology but she only managed to pass her biology external with an achieved which she felt was a major left down for her, but overall she is happy with her results.

“I’m not happy with my results for external papers. I had four external papers and only studied two which were chemistry and biology to try and aim for an endorsement in merit but I only managed to pass my biology with an achieved which was a major letdown for me, but I was happy with my results for level three” she told BCN News.

One Level 2 student said that his results were kind of expected but that he could’ve done better and felt that he didn’t really get the results his parents were expecting.

“The NCEA results that I received yesterday were kind of expected, I didn’t really get the results my parents would expect, but I managed to at least pass.

I’m not really satisfied with the results because I know that I can do better and I say this every year that I would give it my all, but then the results turn out the same. As I mentioned earlier, I did not work to the best of my ability and I know I can do better. This year I’m going to definitely stick to the goals I have set in order to achieve higher standards”

The analysis of the overall performance of Niue High School students’ NCEA results for 2021 is normally released at the Education week which will be next week.

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