Access issues continue with Kiwibank Internet banking on the island

The island’s only bank Kiwibank was also affected by the DDoS attack which was first noticed in New Zealand last week. This DDoS attack has blocked the bank’s customers from accessing their accounts since the weekend.

Wayne McCaughan the Kiwibank Manager told BCN news today that they are still experiencing issues with internet banking access on the island.

Originally Kiwibank we understand had issues with a DDoS attack which has meant they may have locked certain IP addresses.

Access has been intermittent at best and still difficult to access internet banking apps on the island.”

However, BCN news is aware that some local Kiwibank customers are able to access their accounts using the Kaniu connection but those using a 4G connection were not able to access internet banking.

Over the weekend New Zealand media reported that Kiwibank had warned that customers may continue to have trouble accessing internet banking and its mobile app.

It’s understood that Kiwibank is one of many New Zealand companies and organisations under attack by this DDoS which is described as a Denial of service attack carried out by cyber criminals who hijack a large number of malware-infected computers.

They use these to overload organisations online services with huge amounts of traffic so they can’t deal with genuine requests, which is why customers are unable to access their accounts.

Mr McCaughan said that they are working with Telecom Niue to see if they can fix the problem and hope to resume normal service.

“Telecom Niue Ltd has supplied Kiwibank with updated information regarding this and we hope normal service will resume very soon”.

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