Niue High School students to trial digital examinations in preparation for NCEA changes

The Niue High school students started their mock exams this week and in two weeks’ time they will trial for the first time taking their examinations via a digital platform which are some of the changes expected with the NCEA programme.

Jone Cagi who is the school Principal’s Nominee and responsible for all NCEA related matters told BCN news that fifty-two students will be sitting the digital exams starting from the 27th to the 29th of this month. He says that the students have been training how to complete their examinations via this digital platform and have been practicing with their teachers.

The school has partnered with the government’s Internet Service Provider, Telecom Niue to ensure there is reliable connectivity and no interruptions during the exams.

“The school is working in collaboration with Telecom Niue to ensure that we are able to deliver these assessments”.

Niue High school will trial the digital examinations in their computer labs which are equipped with at least sixty computers that the students can use for their digital exams.

Mr. Cagi says that he is a bit nervous that the internet connectivity will not be able to cater for the capacity which will see more than fifty students sit their exams at the same time, but he is confident that Telecom Niue will be there to ensure things run smoothly during the exams.

The students have been practicing and will be required to complete the digital common assessment task or DCAT which is a test that all NCEA level students in New Zealand and the region are required to take to ensure that all students are at the same standards.

The digital examinations were changes that have been in the pipeline for some time and are expected to be fully implemented in two years’ time.

According to Mr Cagi, New Zealand is moving towards paperless exams so Niue High School will have to comply and ensure they are equipped and ready to go paperless at the same time.

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