Parliamentary committee confirmed to probe into the operations of BCN and TNL

A parliamentary select committee of six members was established at the last sitting of the Fono Ekepule on Wednesday last week. The committee is created to look into the operations of the government entities, the national broadcaster Broadcasting Corporation of Niue (BCN) and Telecom Niue Ltd (TNL).

The motion to establish the committee was presented to the Fono earlier in the year by a first-term member for the village of Tamakautoga Ricky Muiaki Makani.

Mr Ricky Muaki Makani informed the Fono that the names selected for the committee was confirmed after consultation with the Speaker of the Fono Ekepule Hon. Hima Takelesi.

The Committee is made up of former ministers Hon. Dion Taufitu, member from Toi and Hon. Vainga Tukuitoga member from Alofi North. Other members include MP from Lakepa John Tiakia, member from Hakupu Richie Mautama, Common roll member Richard Hipa and Mr Ricky Muiaki Makani.

It’s understood that establishing a select committee for such purpose as to probe into the operations of government entities have never been done before. Veteran politician O’love Jacobsen questioned the establishment of such committee but was told by the Speaker that it may have never been done before but the establishment of select committees is mandated under Standing Order 116.

The national broadcaster BCN is established by act of 1989 and Telecom Niue Ltd was formed as a company in 2016 under the Companies Act.

Both are governed by their respective board of directors. It was not clear what the key reasons are that the committee is established but Mr Makani informed the Fono that the first task of the committee is to determine their terms of reference. The terms of reference will be tabled at the next sitting of the Fono Ekepule.

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