Niue mourns again: Hon. Robert Matua Richmond Rex passed away today.

Niue again mourns the loss of another high-profile former politician. Former Minister and politician of nearly thirty years Hon. Robert Matua Richmond Rex passed away peacefully this morning at 8.26 am at his home at Fonuakula, Alofi South.

He was 78 years old. Hon. Robert Matua Richmond Rex was an elected member of the Niue Legislative Assembly, the Fono Ekepule from 1978 until 2005.

He is one of the few members of parliament to be elected in both the common roll and as a village constituency representative.

He was a cabinet minister from 1981 until 1990 during his father Sir Robert Richmond Rex government.

He served as a Common Roll member from 1978 until 1996 when he was elected the representative for his village Alofi South until 2005.

In 1999 until 2002 he served again as a minister in the government led by former Premier Hon Sani Elia Lagigietama Lakatani.

Before politics he was a successful businessman and held many different roles in the community as patron of many sports organisations and NGOs.

The funeral service for the late Hon. Robert Matua R. Rex will be held at the Ekalesia Alofi tomorrow Friday 16th July at 11am.

The traditional alaala family service will be held at his home from 7pm until 10pm tonight.

Hon. Robert Matua Richmond Rex is survived by his wife Lofa Rex, children and grandchildren.

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