Be safe this festive and cyclone season: A message from Niue Police.

Constable Narita Viliamu Tahega is the Police spokesperson for Community Policing and want to remind the public to be careful on the roads and be mindful of alcohol consumption this festive season, which is also the cyclone season.

The Police will be out and about with their re-calibrated breathalysers which were sent to New Zealand a few weeks ago. According to Constable Tahega, in the past month or so, there were around seven motor vehicle accidents so they will be cracking down on drunk drivers this season as they do throughout the year.

Constable Tahega says that they will be on the roads day and night to keep the community safe during a time when some people will try silly ideas.

The police also caution motorists on the road conditions with the cyclone season and the heavy rains to be careful on the roads and drive to the conditions.

BCN news understands that the Police is also expecting to implement instant fines in the third quarter of next year but in the meantime they would like the public to be responsible revellers this seasons and look out for each other.

The message is to consume alcohol responsibly and make sure you get a sober driver so everyone will have a safe and happy festive season.

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