Januel Rollorata wins Dux of Niue High School

Januel Rollarata from Talamaitoga, Avatele is the Niue High School Dux for 2020 with first runner up and silver medal Chloe Ioane and in third with the bronze medal is Georgia George Valiana.

Januel Rollarata is the eldest son of Juliet Surtida’s three children and has taken out the top academic prize for Niue High school this year.

This is the first time since 2014 when the last boy Aytron Suva Tatui won the top academic prize for Niue High School.

For the Dux prize, Januel will choose from two universities, firstly a $5,000 grant from the University of Otago only if he chooses to attend and a fully paid scholarship for the duration of study at the University of the South Pacific. The final prize is $6,000 from the Niue government.

Rollarata told BCN news that he would like to pursue studies to be a Maths and Physics teacher or study engineering.

Here are the results of the Niue High School Major Prizes for 2020:

Year Scholars

Year 7 Scholar – Coco Richardson

Second – Bailey Pasisi

Third – Loloahi Talagi-Jackson

Year 8 Scholar – Ola Grace Viviani

Second – Andahlin Pita

Third – Esthereena Tongia

Year 9 Scholar – Sally Beth Sionetama

Second – Nivelosa Hekau

Third – Nava-ia Hekau

Year 10 Scholar – Malia Vea

Second – Anneliese Pavihi-Sioneholo

Third – Gabrielle Tuhipa

Year 11 Scholar – Lester Rigamoto

Second – Coral Pasisi

Third – Helen Tukutama

Year 12 Scholar – Kyra Poihega

Second – Alexine Head

Third – Tamarina Sionetuato

Bilingual Awards

Year 7 – Loloahi Talagi-Jackson

Year 8 – Andahlin Pita

Year 9 – Nivelosa Hekau

Year 10 – Malia Vea

Year 11 – Tongakilo Rhys Tohovaka

Year 12 – Tamarina Sionetuato

Year 13 – Georgia George Valiana

Best All-Rounder Award

Year 7 – Loloahi Talagi-Jackson

Year 8 – Ola Grace Viviani

Year 9 – Nivelosa Hekau

Year 10 – Malia Vea

Year 11 – Lester Rigamoto

Year 12 – Sierra Sionetama

Year 13 – Chloe Ioane

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