QFT talks progressing well according to the Premier’s Office

The Niue Cabinet has endorsed the arrangement to facilitate quarantine free travel (QFT) between Niue and NZ and this document will also be presented to the New Zealand government for their endorsement according to a statement from the Office of the Premier.

Premier Tagelagi confirmed that discussions between the two governments are on-going for quarantine free travel.

The government COVID19 committee are continuing to dialogue with their NZ counterparts to ensure that both sides meet all the protocols in the agreement to pave the way for QFT.

According to the statement, no timeframe is set yet for the QFT and that it will only commence when Niue and NZ health authorities have mutually determined that the rate of COVID 19 transmission and associated public health risk is acceptably low in both countries.

Earlier this month, the Premier told BCN news that QFT travel is not going to happen this year and likely sometime next year.

According to the statement QFT travel to Niue will continue to follow all the stringent protocols currently in place with the health and border agencies of the two countries.

1 thought on “QFT talks progressing well according to the Premier’s Office

  1. I totally support and agree with what has been proposed by the Niuean government. Staying safe is paramount for Niue.

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