Some of the best fishing this year at the Namukulu Marine and Show day.

The smallest village on the island Namukulu held two big events back to back over the weekend.

On Friday fishermen and women and children mostly from other villages took part in the Namukulu marine day. Organisers said a total of thirty-four (34) canoe fishermen took part and hauled in over one hundred kilos of fish on the day.

The heaviest catch was a wahoo caught by Dimitri Viliamu (picture 3rd from right: Photo credit Clayton Viliamu) of Alofi South weighing in at 38.6 kg, the second heaviest fish is another wahoo caught by Sionepokau Sionetama from Tuapa weighing in at just under 21kg, and the third heaviest fish was caught by Alofi north fisherman Tutuli Heka with his 15.4kg albacore tuna.

The winner of the Reef fishing went to Mr Tamuta Utalo who took away a couple of hundred dollars for a couple of hours work followed in second place was young Siki Tongia and 3rd to 7 year old Kensei Pihigia Talagi, who interestingly arrived for a early cast of the competition before departing to join his performance team at the cultural event.

Susannah Sionetuato took out the reef gleaning competition with a great collection of shells as well as the mouth-watering mixed ugako bag.

BCN News understands that on Saturday the fishermen went out again and caught more fish, the heaviest fish a 31.3kg yellowfin tuna hauled in by novice canoe fisherman Lance Mautama from Hakupu.  

While the resident population of Namukulu may be small, the annual village show day is supported by many of the families and friends who live in other villages.

On Saturday, the small village green was surrounded by stalls selling food, drinks, desserts and many more. Women’s crafts and the crops grown especially for the day displayed the dedication of the people of Namukulu to putting on a show.

The village elder and veteran member of parliament eighty-six year old Jack Willie Lipitoa told the story of how the name Namukulu came to be when the village broke away from the main village of Tuapa.

He said that the Namu was the name of the pastor of the village at the time and the word kulu is the bird the Polynesian dove, the kulukulu. The village then became Namukulu.

The showday was officially opened by Minister Sauni Togatule commending the village for their showday but also for being the tidiest village in Niue. The minister says that every time he visits or drive past the village of Namukulu, the grounds are always well kept.

The high commissioner of New Zealand Helen Tunnah commended the government officials and frontline staff for keeping Niue Covid free. Susan Allen the Australian high commissioner commended the people of Niue that despite the impacts of COVID 19 the island and her people are still able to put on the best show days one after another.

There will be two show days next month, for the villages of Vaiea and Liku.

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