Malia Vea wins the Niue High School Dux Award for 2023

Malia Vea from Alofi North is the top academic student of Niue High School for 2023. She was awarded the Dux Prize at the school’s prize-giving ceremony yesterday. In an all-girls top three academic achievers of the year, Malia Vea was awarded the Dux, Gabrielle Tuhipa in second place, and Anneliese Pavihi-Sioneholo in third place.
Families and friends of students and staff gathered at Paliati for the school’s prize-giving day, a day for the school to recognize and award the students for their achievements over the year. It’s also the final day for the students of Year 13 as they leave the school, some heading to university or to work next year.

(Left -Right Anneliese Pavihi-Sioneholo 3rd, Gabrielle Tuhipa 2nd and Malia Vea Dux of Niue High School 2023

The humbled young lady told BCN News that she is very grateful to God for the opportunities she received as a student and thankful to the many people who supported her throughout her years at Niue High School.
“There are quite a number of people that I want to say thank you to, but I have to say thank you to God. It is God who gave me my family and the friends that I have and my support people that I have. So without God I wouldn’t have made it today, so thank you God”.
Malia’s Mum Ofa Vea is always one of her biggest supporters, always encouraging her daughter and sharing the stage with her daughter yesterday in celebration of her achievement. She was very thankful and proud of her daughter’s achievements.
Malia will take a gap year and hopes to be attached to Niue High School as a teacher trainee next year.
Her message to all the students is to follow your dreams and work hard.

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