Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue commemorates 177 years since Christianity was first brought to Niue

Gospel Day, otherwise commonly known as Aho Peniamina took place last Monday 23 October.  Since 1846, Aho Peniamina continues to be a historical commemoration for the people of Niue. 

The Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue was able to commemorate 177 years since Christianity was first brought to Niue by the first Niuean missionary known as Nukai Peniamina. 

Held at the Millenium Hall, Ekalesia Kerisiano Vice President Rev. Holo Tafea conducted the program for the day. 

The congregation praised in song and worship as words of wisdom were shared amongst pastors and church leaders. 

The programme also included a speech delivered by Royal New Zealand Navy Chaplain Glen Popata who shared a little bit of history to when the gospel first arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand and spiritual thought. 

From the tithings donated and read from the treasurer of the day, the first reading accumulated to approximately an overall total of $82,846 were accumulated from all the 13 Ekalesia Kerisiano village churches, the church groups and families.  This year has decreased from last year 2022 total tithings of approximately $85,607.20.

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