Taoga Niue hosts concert embracing cultural diversity

Cook Islands group at the Taoga Niue concert last Saturday

Last Saturday, the Niue National Commission in collaboration with Taoga Niue and the Education Department hosted a cultural concert of the different ethnic groups on the island in celebration of UNESCO International Day on Diversity of Cultural Expressions. 

The event took place at the Taoga Niue building, where a full packed audience watched and enjoyed the performances and singing of eight ethnic groups including the Cook Islands, Maori, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, United States of America, Samoa, China and Tonga.

Performances were judged on the best Vagahau Niue song. Taking the lead in this judging category was the Philippines, second went to the Cook Islands group and third was Maori. 

Beautiful singing from the eight ethnic groups who entered. 

According to Taoga Niue Director and MC for the day Moira Enetama, a total of 22 invitations were sent out to the different ethnic groups on the island but only eight responded and accepted. 

Moira added that the event is also a possibility for the celebrations for the 50th anniversary since Niue became a self-governing nation that will be marked in 2024 next year. 

Although Niue was not featured in the programme last Saturday, Moira says that this was an opportunity more so for the various ethnic groups on the island to come together and showcase and embrace their language and culture through song and dance. It was a day to celebrate the ethnic groups. 

Common roll MP Hon. Billy Graham Talagi closed the event with a prayer.

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