Niue MET and the National Council of Women celebrate World Meteorological Day 2023

Niue’s Meteorological Services together with the National Council of Women celebrated 73 years of World Meteorological Day last Thursday. March 23 is the day the World Meteorological Organisation was established in 1951. 

The theme for this year is “the future of Weather, Climate and Water across generations”. 

In collaboration with the National Council of Women, the Niue Met Office hosted a two-day event where the women from around the island gathered to bring their food to display and speak about the process of gathering or growing the ingredients and how this has been impacted by the weather, water and the changing climate. 

Director of Niue MET Office Mrs. Rossy Mitiepo delivering her final remarks at the Makini Hall for World Meteorological Day 2023

The two-day event commenced last Wednesday which was a series of discussions, presentations, learning and awareness on meteorology, weather, climate and water. Minister of Natural Resources and Acting Premier Hon. Mona Ainuu opened the two-day programme on this day. 

The second and final day of the event took place last Thursday on World Meteorological Day. Conducted by MET Officer Robert Togiamana, the programme was opened by Rev. Navy Salatielu. Speeches included NZ High Commissioner Helen Tunnah and Australia High Commissioner Louise Ellerton before it was concluded with the final remarks from Director of Niue MET Rossy Mitiepo. 

The programme ended with the display of the women’s traditional foods that they have prepared. 

BCN News was able to speak with NCW Representative Rupina Opo Morrissey last Thursday. 

“Today (last Thursday) was the celebration day. We are marking that by showcasing the foods from back in the day. You can see there are a lot of different foods that we don’t normally cook but they are special because it reminds us of back in the day when there wasn’t so much commercial food and we had fish, vegetables. So now, we don’t see so much because we tend to go for fast foods. Not to say that we’ve forgotten. It’s good that we’ve been reminded,” says Rupina. 

A message from Meteorological Officer Robert Togiamana to be mindful, be aware, be educated and prepared for the changes in weather and climate as the times are vastly changing.

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