The first meeting of the Fono Ekepule in 2023 with interim Speaker Hon. Dion Taufitu

The 18th Assembly pass the first reading of the four Constitution Amendment Bills yesterday

The first sitting of the Fono Ekepule for 2023 was held yesterday. The first item on the order paper was to elect an interim speaker. The long-serving member of the village of Toi, Hon. Dion Paki Taufitu was elected and sworn in as interim Speaker, as the Speaker of the Fono Ekepule Hima Douglas is overseas, and expected back on the island tomorrow.

The meeting yesterday was called by Premier Dalton Tagelagi to table two key reports that will be discussed at the next meeting. 

The first report is the Niue Ko Kaina and the 17th Government of Niue Progress Report 2020 – 2023. 

The next meeting of the Fono Ekepule is scheduled for Wednesday next week the 8th of February. 

BCN News understands Premier Dalton Tagelagi is expected to announce at the end of this month, the date of the general election.

The last two meetings of the Fono Ekepule were not broadcast live on Radio Sunshine because there is still some work to be done to connect the system in the Fono Chambers directly to Radio Sunshine, something that both the BCN and the Office of the Niue Legislative Assembly are working to address as soon as possible, so future meetings can be broadcast live as they used to be.

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