Power outage affects north and eastern villages over the weekend 

Niue Power Corporation (NPC) building at Tuila, Alofi

The island experienced a nationwide power outage on early Friday morning last week. 

Although there was a brief outage for the Southern side of the island, the power continued to shut down for most of the North and Eastern villages until it was later restored on Saturday afternoon. 

Last Saturday evening, the power for the Eastern villages shut down briefly before the Niue power team restored it once again the same night. 

Director of Utilities Clinton Chapman updated the village councils last night saying that “it appears we have ongoing low voltage issues from Mutalau to Liku. There is still power insufficient for appliances of high rating. Please limit use of large appliances. It may mean interruption in power from Mutalau to Liku.”

As the Ministry of Infrastructure continues to work on restoring power and water to the villages on the eastern side of the island, the message for the villages of Liku and Lakepa is to conserve the use of water. 

This morning Clinton Chapman posted to the Ministry of Infrastructure for the Village Councils group. 

“As well as Lakepa, a portable generator is being used to power the bore pump at LIKU, due to a damaged power supply cable as well. We have noticed high water use. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE WATER AND REPORT ANY LEAKS”. 

The power outage and water issues came at a time when the island experienced two flight cancellations due to the terrible weather conditions.

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