Covid-19 update: policing the movements of close contacts becoming more difficult with over 40 close contacts identified

Several nurses from Samoa will arrive next month to help with the staff shortage at the Health Department

The health department identified more than 40 close contacts and are continuing to monitor those in isolation. However, according to the health department, it is now getting difficult to monitor and police the movements of the close contacts especially as the numbers increase. 

The Department of Health is reminding all close contacts to adhere to the health orders given to them. They should not be mixing with other members of the public and should also be isolating. 

BCN News understands that some people are asking to differentiate between household contacts and those close contacts who do not live with the positive case or casual contacts. 

The message is that all household contacts should remain in isolation until cleared by the health department. 

It is not clear at this point what the government’s position is with regards to the management of close contacts, whether it will change or lift some of the health order requirements especially for close contacts who are not symptomatic and whether they should continue to isolate if they are not sick. 

Meanwhile, two new cases of covid-19 were detected from yesterday’s covid-19 testing results. According to the official covid-19 information website for Niue, the two cases were already in isolation and are linked to the border from the passenger flight on Friday 11th November. 

Niue currently has a total of 14 positive cases of covid-19. The two previously identified cases are still under investigation as they are yet to be identified as border-linked.

Three of the previously active cases have been deemed recovered, according to yesterday’s covid-19 situation report. Since March this year, Niue has detected a total of 104 cases of covid-19 with 90 of these cases already fully recovered. More covid-19 information for Niue can be found at

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