Pua ‘house of champions’ bag 50 gold medals and claim overall winners for NHS Athletics 2022

Year 13 Boys from Left to Right: Danny Rollorata, Reekie Konelio, Helemoni Pao and Lester Rigamoto

The Niue High School Annual Athletics Day 2 took place last Friday at the Paliati school grounds. 

A chilly morning to start off the day ended with a scorching win for the Pua house team who took the championship title for the overall event bagging 50 gold medals.

The programme of the day commenced with the marching where Moea team took first place, second place to Pua, third to Lagakali and coming in fourth place was Kieto.

The 100-metres champ of champs race for the Junior Year 7 to 9 girls went to Esatose Ainu’u. For the Junior boys Joshua Buckner came first place. 

The senior girls year 10 to 13 100m race champion went to Carolyn Tukuniu and for the senior boys first place went to Lester Rigamoto. 

For the Ta Tika champ of champs for the juniors went to Aaron Tukutama and for the seniors champion went to Tagavaitoa Tukuitonga. 

The junior girls olo fua niu overall winner went to Linay Talaiti and for the senior girls first place winner went to Jus’al Mokoia. 

Overall champions of the NHS Athletics 2022 went to Pua house with 50 gold medals. Followed by Lagakali with 29 gold medals, third place to Kieto with 26 gold medals and fourth place overall to Moea team with 23 gold medals. 

Niue High School Principal Charles told BCN News that it was a beautiful day to see all the support for the student. 

Principal Ioane expresses his thoughts of gratitude to all the families, friends, supporters, sponsors, staff and especially students of Niue High School for a successful Athletics day.

Congratulations to all winners and participants of the day.

Here are the summary results of NHS Annual Athletics Day II 2022:


1st place – Moea

2nd Place – Pua

3rd Place – Lagakali

4th Place – Kieto


1st Place Pua – 50 gold, 36 silver and 41 bronze medals

2nd Place Lagakali – 29 gold, 24 silver and 29 bronze medals

3rd Place Kieto – 26 gold, 35 silver, and 27 bronze medals

4th Place Moea – 23 gold, 33 silver and 28 bronze medals


Junior Girl Year 7 to 9 – Esatose Ainu’u

Junior Boy Year 7 to 9 – Joshua Buckner

Senior Girl Year 10 to 13 – Carolyn Tukuniu

Senior Boy Year 10 to 13 – Lester Rigamoto


Juniors – Aaron Tukutama

Seniors – Tagavaitoa Tukuitonga


Juniors – Linay Talaiti

Seniors – Jus’al Mokoia

OVERALL CHAMPIONS per level – Field and Track Events 2022

Year 7 GirlsYear 7 Boys
1st – Esatose A1st – Kelemedi W
2nd – Rigmor V2nd – Jeremy D
3rd – Zoey T and Rosita F3rd – Alesana P
Year 8 GirlsYear 8 Boys
1st – Mereoni P1st – C’zin T
2nd – Linay T2nd – Taliu T
3rd – Andreeva S3rd – Wayne K
Year 9 GirlsYear 9 Boys
1st – Latileta W1st – Joshua B
2nd – Loloahi J2nd – Ma’haan’s P
3rd – Inimyra L3rd – Marvin T
Year 10 GirlsYear 10 Boys
1st – Lee-Arnie T1st – Asaeli W
2nd – Carolyn T2nd – Zinedine I
3rd – Andahlin P3rd – Max A
Year 11 GirlsYear 11 Boys
1st – Hannah F1st – McFitu T
2nd – Viarn M2nd – Tagavaitoa T
3rd – Faith N3rd – Sipito H
Year 12 GirlsYear 12 Boys
1st – Karis Ma Nogi P1st -Chadson S
2nd – Lillianne M2nd – Aaron R
3rd – Annelise P S3rd – Frank V
Year 13 Girls Year 13 Boys
1st – Jus’al Mokoia1st – Lester R
2nd – Paulini K2nd – Danny R
3rd – Katie T3rd – Helemoni P

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