Power outage affects north and eastern side of the island as they continue to have no power

Niue Power Corporation (NPC) building at Tuila, Alofi

The island experienced a power outage which began yesterday afternoon, affecting mainly the villages on the north and eastern side of the island. 

This morning the Ministry of Infrastructure issued a public notice advising the public that the power supply has been restored to the southern side of the island and the northern side up to Matalave, Tuapa but the power is still off from Matalave to Liku. 

A recent update of the power outage was released by the Ministry of Infrastructure at 4pm this afternoon stating that there still continues to be no power from Matalave to Liku. 

The Niue Power Corporation (NPC) staff are still working to locate exactly where the cable fault lies between Matalave and Mutalau. 

The team is still working to resolve the technical fault with the control system at the powerhouse with their partner in New Zealand.  

Director of Utilities Clinton Chapman reminds the public to conserve power at this time. The current power supply to the island is provided directly from the generators as opposed to the battery system energised from solar power as usual. 

It is therefore critical that consumers continue to reduce as much as possible the use of power. 

Failure to reduce power usage could result in power rationing for the whole island. 

The NPC, Department of Utilities and Ministry of Infrastructure humbly asks for cooperation in this matter. And an important note to treat all electrical appliances as if active and isolate them from the mains supply. 

The working crew is mobilising a multi-ministry team to provide temporary water supply in villages where there is no power.

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