Marine days cultivate interest in fishing on the island

Canan Mautama with his catch and with his cousin Mahalo. Pic supplied.

Nine-year-old Canan Mautama wants to buy a fishing boat when he grows up. 

This is the reaction of a little boy when given the opportunity to go fishing in the ‘deep blue’ with his family. 

Canan Mautama from Hakupu, joined the boys and men out on the waters fishing on Saturday as part of the Hakupu Marine Day. 

Every year leading up to the village show day, an invitation is extended to all fishermen and boys from the village and from other villages around the island to take part. 

Last year Canan was very disappointed not to get a prize for the small reef fish that he caught at the ramp at Namukulu. Noticing his disappointment, his uncle Mene Aue told the then eight-year-old that he can join him on his boat this year. 

On Saturday morning, Canan was up early, ready and waiting for his first fishing trip in the deep blue with his uncle Mene and his cousin Mahalo.

The trip turned out to be very successful for the little fisherman who caught three wahoos. 

When asked what he did with his fish, he said he sold it so he can start saving money to buy his own fishing boat. 

The day was a success for many fishermen including Daniel Makaia from Avatele who took home the trophy for the largest catch contributing to the village of Avatele claiming the village trophy with the most fish caught on the day. 

Marine days are now considered the best way to cultivate interest in fishing, especially for the young people on the island.

Yesterday was also the Mutalau Marine Day, an annual event that started many years ago where fishermen from all over the island turn up at Uluvehi to take part in a day of fishing. 

Another successful day of fishing for fishermen with many fish caught for this year’s Mutalau Marine Day.

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