Niue COVID-19 testing protocols: What you need to know

As Niue moves closer to Quarantine-Free Travel (QFT) next month, this Explainer provides information about the testing protocols at the Niue Foou hospital for those who may be experiencing COVID-19 or Flu-like symptoms. 

The information was provided by the Head of Public Health Ms. Grizelda Mokoia and the Acting Director of Health Dr. Waimanu Pulu.

There are two different procedures of the testing protocols at the hospital for those who experience COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms in the community, using the drive-through testing and testing after hours.  

Drive-through testing hours

During the day and working hours of the week, people can get tested at the drive-through testing station located behind the Niue Foou hospital. 

The drive-through testing will be open from 9 am until 12 midday on Mondays through Thursdays.

Testing after working hours

In the evening and after working hours, if you feel the need to get tested you must call the Niue Foou hospital first on telephone 4100 and wait for instructions from the medical officer or nurse on duty.

Testing for passengers in home isolation

Until the 27th of June when QFT will commence, the testing days for passengers in home isolation are days 1, 3, 5, and day 7.

Upon returning negative results after each test and on day seven tests the passengers are then free to leave their homes and move around in public. 

While not mandatory, passengers are encouraged to get tested on day 9 which is two days after they have completed their home isolation period. 

For more information, call the Niue Foou Hospital during working hours on telephone number 4100 or contact any medical health officer you know.

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