A stunning day for the Makefu Village Showday

It was a beautiful day for the Makefu Falekahoatua village showday that took place last Saturday. 

It has been 27 years since the first showday of Makefu began and the theme on the day was “Change for the Future ”. 

Many families and friends gathered at the village where various foods were sold, agricultural produce displayed and most of all was the beautifully woven handcrafts of the village women. 

The formal programme of the day began with a few speeches from the Chairperson of Makefu Eteana Poihega, New Zealand High Commissioner Helen Tunnah, Australia High Commissioner H.E. Louise Ellerton and the Minister of Social Services Hon. Sauni Tongatule. 

In her speech, Ms. Poihega asked the government as well as the wider community to mark down the 13th of May 2023 next year’s date for the village of Makefu. 

She also expressed on behalf of her villagers and the village council’s standing with the island’s current Covid-19 protocols. She said Makefu is one of the villages who do not agree to the home isolation. 

Minister of Social Services Hon. Sauni Tongatule responded in hopes that the people will continue to adhere to the advice from health and government officials with the decisions put in place with Covid-19. 

Hon. Tongatule hopes for the people to continue to work together during these tough Covid times emphasising that unity brings us together in joy and happiness such as we have seen at the showday. 

Meanwhile, the High Commissioners of New Zealand and Australia expressed their excitement for the day especially their anticipation for the uga race of the village which they have heard so much about.

After the formalities the traditional activities proceeded with the unique uga racing followed by some cultural performances from the Makefu youth, then the men’s tika throwing and finishing off the day was the women’s olo fua niu.

What a beautiful day for the village of Makefu as they express their gratitude to all those who came to support the village and contribute to its success. 

Next on the village showday calendar for 2022 will be the Hakupu Atua village showday next month June.

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