Updated COVID-19 alert levels come to effect today

Before the arrival of today’s flight, the Government announced today that the updating of Niue’s COVID-19 National Alert Codes will be in force starting from 12pm today. 

The COVID-19 national alert codes were put in place two years ago when the pandemic first started. After review of the alert codes and taking into consideration the COVID-19 response experiences from overseas countries as well as Niue’s own national preparation and response. 

There are four key colour codes. We are currently at Alert Code Blue which means the island is ready when there is a potential threat and cases are occurring outside of Niue and the government action is to delay the entry of virus into Niue. 

Alert Code Yellow means there is imminent threat with local cases in MIQ with no community transmission and the government action is to eliminate and delay widespread transmission. 

Alert Code Red means immediate threat where there are cases in Niue and possibility of community transmission. The government action is to control or mitigate the impact of the disease. 

After Alert Code Red there is Recovery, when there are no longer risks and the cases and risks are reduced and all services, health and social services are restored and economic recovery in action. 

According to the NDMO officials, there are 38 passengers that have arrived on today’s flight. The passengers will be isolating at the MIQ facilities located at Homofiti and Nic’s Bungalows at Tamakautoga, Taoke Fales at Lakepa, Namukulu Cottages and Kololi’s Guesthouse in Alofi. 

There are two home quarantine facilities approved by Cabinet for two homes at Alofi South. 

The rules remain the same, there will be no visiting at the MIQ and home quarantine facilities until after the Day 3 COVID tests on Thursday this week. 

The Government has also launched a separate Niue COVID-19 website as part of its COVID-19 response. 

For more information on the website visit: https://covid19.gov.nu/

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