Government distribute Covid-19 Hygiene starter packs to every household

Starting yesterday the government officials from the Department of Justice, Lands, Surveys and Community Affairs began packing and distributing hygiene starter packs to the villages.

The households of the villages where the government’s MIQ facilities are located were the first to receive their starter packs, with Tamakautonga, Lakepa, Alofi North and Namukulu.

Inside the packs is an assortment of hygiene products and cleaning products such as a box of 50 masks, a box of 100 gloves, one 500ml bottle of hand sanitizer, a box of tissues, a packet of baby wipes or disinfectant wipes, one pack of bathroom soap, one bottle of disinfectant spray and five large rubbish bags.

Inside each bag is a letter from the Director-General of Health and Social Services explaining the purpose of the pack and its contents.

“The Government of Niue, through the Community Affairs Division of the Department of Justice, Lands, Surveys and Community Affairs Services and the Department of Health, Ministry of Social Services, confirms this valued commitment to the people of Niue.

The government acknowledges the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the works and Niue and has acquired essential items procured both locally and overseas for distribution to each occupied household in Niue.

The Hygiene starter packs are being distributed to assist with the impact of Covid 19 on our health and wellbeing. The items in a pack are limited but the government thus acknowledges that there are homes with more than one family, but trust that this pack will help families going forward”.

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