‘Break the Bias’ theme for International Women’s Day has evoked different perspectives shared by some of the young women of Niue

Women and girls celebrating International Women's Day in March this year

In celebration of International Women’s Day yesterday, BCN news reached out to some of the young women of Niue to share their views on what the day means to them. 

“International women’s day is a day we remember how strong and courageous women are. We are beautiful, intelligent, and important! Women are such a light in this world and we are no less or greater than men. We are equal and should be acknowledged as so”, says a 21-year-old woman. 

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day was “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Gender bias was a common mention upon the thoughts shared by the young women and how Niue needs to break this bias and work together. 

“There are many examples of gender bias here in Niue – from your place of work, school, in the community, and in your household. However, we have grown up to these experiences which have been normalised so much so that we don’t realise it at times or because of the amount of respect that we’ve been taught and the little knowledge of the rights we have as women. We need to continue to break this bias by working together, both women and men”, says the 21-year-old. 

Niue Youth Council President Rhonda Tiakia told BCN news that “this year is about spreading message of gender equality working towards a better society where there is no gender bias. As women, we need to change our perception of how we see ourselves in the community, church and work and challenge the bias that exists within all of us and work together without feeling inadequate.” 

Another 21-year-old woman said that unlike other nations, Niue is very fortunate in regards to gender equality. 

“In Niue we are doing well , however in my perspective Niue is not as bad as compared to other islands or countries globally in terms of gender equality”, says the 21-year-old woman.

She suggested that “there should be a series of events for all females leading up to the International Women’s Day.” 

Vice-President of the National Council of Women Mokaline Makaia also told BCN news that when she was young she would always follow her mother. However today, Mrs. Makaia says that the women of Niue are very fortunate including herself in being more independent and having the opportunities that she was not able to experience when she was younger. 

There is considerable growth seen recently amongst the women of Niue and gender equality. Although it is not an easily resolvable issue, gender equality continues to be expressed throughout International Women’s Day each year. 

As the 21-year-old woman shared, “although we are all only human – we just need to be kind always.”

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