How to get your Vaccine Pass if you’re traveling to New Zealand.

If you or your family are planning to head to New Zealand over the festive season or next year, you will need to get a vaccine pass.

You will have to contact the Niue health department first to get a letter that will have all your vaccination details in there. You will need this letter to apply for your vaccine pass.

It is a requirement in NZ now that if you want to enter hospitality venues such as restaurants, or access community events such as sporting events or church gatherings, then you are required to have this vaccine pass.

You can apply for this on NZ’s ministry of health website and click on My Vaccine pass. Be mindful the process may take a few days or even a week so plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

If you are traveling further to other countries, then you will have to request or apply for an international travel vaccination certificate.

All this information is available on the NZ Ministry of Health website

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