62-year-old Hopokigi’s big catch 115.15kg Blue marlin in a traditional canoe.

After decades of fishing, 62-year-old Pule Hopokigi of Avatele finally landed the big one, he told BCN news today.

At just after 8 am on Saturday morning, between Avatele bay and Tamakautoga he hooked the giant 115.15kg blue marlin (Photo credit-Speedo Hetutu)

Pule caught the blue marlin in his traditional vaka (canoe) and had to call on his son who was nearby to help him.

Pule and his son Heston took 45 minutes to catch the marlin and were dragged miles from shore.

The wind didn’t help, he said but they managed to get their fish to Avatele boat ramp by 9.30 thanks to the help of a small motor on his son’s canoe.

Pule Hopokigi was taking part in the final day of fishing competitions in the weeklong event leading up to the Avatele annual show day this coming Saturday.

Also caught on Saturday was a personal best for Daniel Makaia who caught a 10.5kg rusty jobfish.

Pule Hopokigi said that his whopping 115 kg blue marlin was shared between his family and the Avatele village council.

Two weeks ago, three marlins were also caught during the Alofi North marine day, one was caught by Reverend Kennedy Tukutama in his traditional canoe and two caught by Brendon Pasisi is his boat.

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