No more home quarantine and reduction of passengers to 26 but no news on when passengers can return

There was no press conference after Cabinet’s meetings on Tuesday and this morning on the latest decisions regarding the response to the Covid 19 situation in New Zealand.

On Thursday last week Premier Tagelagi at a press conference (pictured with Secretary to Government Peleni Talagi), told of the suspension of passengers from Auckland until further notice.

It’s there are at least 45 passengers stuck in New Zealand awaiting the decision as to when they can return home. Those passengers will be disappointed to learn that only a few of them will be allowed on each flight if and when the government decides to resume passenger travel to Niue.

Yesterday Premier Tagelagi informed the Fono Ekepule that the number of passengers allowed every two weeks has been reduced to 26 from 50.

When passengers are allowed from Auckland, they will all be quarantined at government-approved Managed isolation facilities at Matavai Resort and Apartments at Homofiti.

On Thursday last week Cabinet had also decided that all passengers intending to visit Niue must be fully vaccinated.

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