Sima’s Big Catch 54.4 kg dogtooth (valu) tuna caught yesterday.

A whopping 54.4 kg dogtooth tuna was caught yesterday by Sima Tanevesi of Alofi South.

It’s understood this huge fish was caught at Fakaleaina Alofi South, on a Niue canoe.

This will be the third large dogtooth tuna caught at this area on a Niue vaka by Alofi fisherman.

Last year, William Pasisi caught a giant 67kg dogtooth tuna also is his canoe at Fakaleaina.

A couple of years ago, another young fisherman Daryn Magatogia in his canoe caught another 54kg dogtooth tuna also at Fakaleaina, Alofi South.

As fishing stories go, this is one of those big ones, catching these giants of the sea in the Niue canoes just off the coast at Fakaleaina.

Sima Tanevesi’s huge fish has been sold to a local catering business.

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