Jacobsen says the Premier should call for positive cooperation with NZ on the long-awaited quarantine free travel

Common Roll member O’love Tauveve Jacobsen is putting forward a motion to the next sitting of the Fono Ekepule on Wednesday next week calling “For the Assembly to respectfully direct the Premier of Niue to call for positive cooperation between NZ and Niue on the matter of Quota for QFT for medical referrals only during this COVID 19 and for referrals to be determine by Niue Health Department on a weekly or fortnightly basis”.

This is the latest development on the issue of Niue referral patients unable to fly to NZ for treatment because of the lack of vouchers and the elusive Quarantine free travel option.

Last night a news item on New Zealand’s TV One news highlighting how desperate Niue families are for their loved ones on the island who haven’t been able to get to New Zealand for medical treatment because of the lack of vouchers.

Jacobsens’ daughter Jenna Toeono spoke to TV One’s Pacific correspondent Barbra Dreaver about her concerns for her mother and sister who are both waiting for vouchers to meet their medical appointments in New Zealand.

BCN news understands that Jenna went as far as writing to the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern trying to get some answers as to why Niue was being treated differently from the other New Zealand Realm country the Cook Islands.

BCN news continue to ask the Premier’s office for updates on the QFT but to date, there has been no updates.

Critical of the government’s rather relaxed approach to the matter, O’love Jacobsen told BCN news that the situation with medical referrals is of major concern and it seems that everyone else is trying to get something done to progress the quarantine free travel except those whose responsibility it should be.

Meanwhile, there is some good news from New Zealand Minister for Covid 19 Response Chris Hipkins telling One News last night that there are plans to soon give Niue the same quarantine-free status as the Cook Islands.

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